Winter Canyoning Annecy



Go on an adventure in the Angon canyon even in winter, while staying dry and warm!

Céline and Etienne, your guides for the morning continue to make you discover their passion during the winter season.


What awaits you: jumps in the water basins, slides in the natural formations dug by the water and abseiling descents!


Why is it even cooler in Winter?

Because you will discover this magical place in a new setting! Leafless trees, incredible luminosity, icy formations, all this while following the thread of the water as it makes its way through a snowy trail and staying warm in your wetsuit


A little more sporty than in the summer season, winter canyoning is accessible with family, friends or colleagues!





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Let's go for it :







Ride your bike! Avoid traffic jams, enjoy the scenery, and it's half price on the bike rental

Winter Canyoning in ANGON
Difficulté : 3 / 5
2.0 heures

Winter Canyoning in ANGON

From November to April, the incredible experience !

Go on an adventure in the canyon of angon. In winter, Winter Canyoning allows you to rediscover our canyons, so loved in summer, from a different point of view: the luminous atmosphere of the canyon


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Frequently asked questions canyoning Annecy

What exactly is canyoning?

Canyoning is a natural activity related to speleology, hiking, climbing and mountaineering on the one hand, and white-water sports on the other.It consists of progressing along the river bed, in portions where they walk through narrow gorges or ravines, with waterfalls of varying heights, a succession of jumps and slides.


How is winter canyoning different?

Canyoning in winter is like in summer except that the water flow and the equipment changes a bit! Indeed, the waterfalls have a stronger flow due to the snow that has accumulated and is melting, and the water level is relatively higher than in summer. So it's a little more sportive than in the summer period!

In terms of equipment, the main goal is to stay warm and dry! To do this, we provide you with waterproof suits, which allow you to stay dressed underneath! We also add gloves and cowls to keep your ears and hands warm!



How do I need to be equipped?

Bring a warm outfit: a jogging suit or thick tights, a nice T-shirt, a fleece and a good jacket! Also bring good shoes, we ask you to bring mountain boots, preferably high boots. We will provide you with a helmet, wetsuit, harness, cowl and gloves.


Is it accessible for beginners?

Yes, no problem! The Angon canyon in its winter version is accessible to beginners provided they are 15 years old or older (minors must be accompanied) and are rather agergic.

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