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At the lake of Annecy, we have the chance to have an incredible playground, between the green way to go around the lake and the passes to have fun in the mountains, we have the embarrassment of choice !
Whatever you want to do, we have what you need!

A quiet tour of Lake Annecy, with family or friends? The city bikes or electric VTC are there for you!
With children ? Go for children's bikes for all sizes, or our child or baby trailers !
Attracted by the famous col du Tour de France like the Semnoz or the col de la Forclaz ? Our Lapierre road bikes are waiting for you! Come with your pedals and we will be happy to install them on your bike!

Elisabeth, Marion or Yoann will welcome you and give you the best information for your trip! And if you want to go to a good restaurant or a good bar when you come back, we will give you our best plans ;)

So for your bike rental in Annecy, don't hesitate, call us at to book your bike, it's recommended :)

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Frequently asked questions Bicycle rental Annecy


When and how can I rent a bike?
All year round ! As we are a producer of activities and we do other activities than bike rental. We are open from 9am to 6pm in low season and from 9am to 7pm non stop in high season!
We rent bikes for a day or half day!
The best thing is to book your bikes in advance by phone at !

Are there bike paths around Lake Annecy ?
Of course there are! We are lucky to have the Voie Verte which goes from Annecy to Ugine and which includes the whole west side of the lake ! On the other side, on the east bank, some places are not yet in cycle track, but the works to finish it must be finished for the summer 2022! But don't worry, there is bike path almost everywhere on the west bank too, there are only 2 portions left to be done in bike path!
When you come to see us, we will give you a map to go around the lake, and we will advise you the best way!

Are there any road bike routes?
Of course there are! We are lucky that Savoie Mont-Blanc has edited a great map with the different topos for road biking around the lake of Annecy and even in the whole Rhone Alps!
We'll be happy to give you one when you come to visit.

Is there anything special to bring for the rental ?
You have to provide a deposit in the form of a card imprint for each rental! The amount of the deposit depends on the type of bike, you will find the information on the amount by going directly to the page of the bike you want :)


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