Send it on the tracks ! 

We are ready with our new E-Bike from Lapierre !

Our mountain bike are ready to have fun on the tracks of the Semnoz ! 

This season, the shuttle is over, we go up by bike, but with a bit of help, with our E-bikes !

Antoine, Killian et Maël, knows the Semnoz and their tracks by heart, a perfect way to adapt the trips and to make it fun !


If you are a pure mountainbiker, and you only prefer the downhill of the Semnoz we always have our classic enduro trips in Annecy ! 





  That's it we are ready and all freshly equipped with new electric mountain bikes from Lapierre!
This season, the shuttle is over, we go up to the pedal! But with a little help anyway, the Semnoz is quite steep!

Antoine, JS and Maël, know the sites like the back of their hand, perfect for offering you adapted and super fun outings!


If you really are eternal mountain biking purists and you prefer the descent of Semnoz, or the rise in muscle mass, we obviously always have classic mountain biking outings in Annecy!




E-Enduro - Semnoz E-bike
3.0 heures

E-Enduro - Semnoz E-bike

A partir de 75.00
Privatisation de guide max 4 personnes
3.0 heures

Privatisation de guide max 4 personnes

Requested level : 

  • Physical capabilities : Being in good shape (if you have any heart problems or asthma, breathing troubles, etc --> you have to come with your own drugs and warn us).
  • Technical skills : You have to know how to ride VTT, know how t

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