BAUGES MARGERIAZ - Rando husky - 1/2 journée
2.0 heures

BAUGES MARGERIAZ - Rando husky - 1/2 journée


The "Cani-rando" is a hiking in the nature during which you will be harnessed to a dog. Let you be pulled by a sled dog, while guiding through voice and precise gestures. Equipped with a harness, the dog is attached to you with a tether by a few meters. This is the opportunity to spend a special time with man's best friend who by his power helps you to travel longer distances without fatigue intense impression. Development of the activity: Serge, your guide, you welcome and presents all his dogs. Hugs, whimsical, bright, pranks, each dog have his character. Choose the one for which you have the favorite! Then you pass under the watchful eye of Serge to harness the dogs. After a briefing on safety regulations, you will go for a unbelievable hiking ! The distance of the hike is adaptable. The guide, it is not accompanied by a dog to be a maximum available to help young and old. Once the trip is finished, you will return to your starting point. After removing the harness, have a special time with the dogs. Then take care of your new friend clean him, make it full of hugs for a moment of complicity! For younger children, it is possible to share a dog with an adult. Everyone is harnessed and bound by a tether to the same dog. In this case the price is: 45 ¤ adult + 25 ¤ for the child. Timetable : - In the morning from 9:30 to 12:00 AM - In the afternoon from 14:30 to 17:00 PM

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