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It’s happy hour! Our crazy team welcomes you in an exceptional place reserved for this occasion.


crazy game teambuilding crazy game teambuilding


Here some original and friendly activities for a half day of fun which will tempt as much the sportsmen and the less-adventurous. You will perform different, funny and unexpected activities. Try not to laugh!

All the offered workshops are parodies of the real challenges in order to create unique and original Olympiads for your team.

After a briefing of the activities you will be divided in 4 teams to do surprising, humorous and fun workshops where great emotions and laughs are guaranteed. You will have to put all your skills and senses into practice: thinking and strategy skills will be needed in solving the human puzzle, accuracy in throwing a horseshoe, balance skills in making a human pyramid and force in tug of war (rope pulling) and other skills.

Competing in a very friendly and cheerful atmosphere the teams will have to strive to give their best performance in each activity of the Crazy games challenge.

At the end of the crazy games, we will make a final team ranking and will set up an original price-giving ceremony. The team that will be rewarded is the loosing team. But this has to be kept as a surprise of course! Our crazy animators will rate not only the technical performance of the team, but also their team spirit, cooperation skills and attitude: all the smiles and cheers for the team will get a bonus and the lack of it – minus points.


The activities

To keep the game exciting, we will offer you mini-activities that last from 10 to 15min each. No downtime, only fun and laughers!


  • The flying Reblochon (cheese)
  • Throwing horseshoe
  • The carpenter's hammered nails
  • The giant millipede, wooden ski race in teams
  • Sawing the log
  • The blind roped race
  • Gym Cana : move forward on wooden crates. Not simple!
  • The Savoyard pétanque, with square bowls on a sloping ground!
  • The famous sack race
  • Coconut shy
  • The three-legged race
  • The nut cracker trial
  • The human pyramid




Required equipment







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