Old town pedestrian rally

Old Town Pedestrian Rally


 Our pedestrian rally in the heart of the old town will enable you to discover the history and charm of Annecy and its surroundings.


The combination of riddles, humour and surprises will result in an unforgettable morning or afternoon!

rallye vieille ville rallye vieille ville rallye vieille ville


Throughout the old town trail you will attempt to solve questions with the aid of a map and road-book. Challenges set by guides will be confronted along the way. Amusing and varied, we have organised for you a superb itinerary through the old town of Annecy dubbed “the little Venice of the Alps”- A great incentive experience!


Activity Details

Before departure, we will provide each team with the following items:

  • a Road Book
  • a map of the town
  • a pen
  • the document “Town walks”

Throughout the rally, each team will race through the old town in search for the different tasks and challenges.

Whether the teams have completed the tasks around the circuit or not they must cross the finish line within a particular time.



Optional trials

  • Local wine and cheese tasting
  • Magic tricks contest
  • Musical Quiz with street musician
  • Giant puzzle
  • Blowpipe
  • Human pyramid
  • Human brainteaser
  • Blind race
  • The frog game
  • Mountain bike trial
  • Paddle board race



  • Location : Annecy
  • Duration of activity : about 3 hours
  • Number of participants:  10 minimum
  • Difficulty : *
  • Season : All year
  • Required equipment : sportswear and a big smile


rallye annecy




Contact : 04 50 45 60 61, commercial@takamaka.fr


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