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A dragon boat race on the lake

A unique experience cadenced by the rhythm of the drums


dragon boat annecy séminaire   dragon boat séminaire annecy    


The dragon boat is an ancestral craft from ancient China. Its origin is a legend!

More than 2000 years ago, a poet had been expelled of the Realm of Chu for having criticized the existed corruption. To escape from his tragic fate he decided to jump into the Milo river. The fish were about to devour him but swam away when they heard the noise of the crafts that came to save the poet. 

Since then, the event is commemorated in China every year. Gradually this ancestral practice has become a real popular sport not only in China but also worldwide.


Come to discover these dugouts, and participate in a true sprint race in teams from 10 to 16 rowers per boat!

⇒ Relax in an incredible setting and enjoy the pleasure to sail together for the same goal. An ideal activity for team building. An original and playful way to discover the beautiful blue lake of Annecy.



dragon boat annecy séminaire




   Location : 10 minutes from Annecy
   Duration of the activity : about 3 hours
   Difficulty : ** to ***
   Period : April to October
   Required equipment: trainers, swimsuit



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