Clowning workshop

Discovery and initiation of “clowning” for your seminar

"be the clown"


atelier clown


Comic, burlesque, colorful - the clown is a friendly character.
The clown is serious!

Remember when you were a child: you had to stop clowning, but now being grown up you are allowed to go wild.

The work of a clown asks for virtuosity, self-awareness and body control. An evening of Laughters, burlesque and humor. Adapted to the world of business and relationships between team members, this workshop and game will enhance your actions in daily life.

The activity 

After a warm up, during the improvisation games you will discover the clown inside you. You will get “on stage” in front of supporting audience to show the side of yourself that your colleagues can’t see every day or maybe haven’t seen at all. This will be the chance to meet your colleagues in a different light and reach the next level in your relationships.

And maybe during these 2 to 3 hours you will discover new talents that have been among you all the time!


Duration of the activity : 2 or 3 hours

Group : 12 to 15 people


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