A 2CV car Rally


 Discover the alps and the beautiful lake of annecy driving an exceptional car !!


Organized as a car rally in the amazing region of La Haute-Savoie, we offer a journey including touristic recreational and cultural stops. All the workshops will be located around the area so you will be able to discover and visit as many sites of the region as possible. 

The cars are recently renovated and in excellent condition, so you and your 3 companions will enjoy the ride and beautiful landscapes of lakes and mountains together.
Each team will have a road book and a map to be able to move from one point to another and complete tasks. The whole activity will be a competition between teams in order to collect as many points as possible.

You can personalize your rally by choosing activities and having 3 surprise activities.
In order to reward the best teams, a prize giving ceremony will be organized at the end of the activity.



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  Contact : 04 50 45 60 61, commercial@takamaka.fr



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