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The Magic Academy


Who hasn’t dreamt about discovering all the magician’s secrets?

magic academy annecy   magic academy annecy

Discover the Magic Academy - a surprising, original and creative animation for your seminar and incentive trip.

This event is perfect for the seminars from 6 to 50 people. It’s an actual magic master class leaded by our professional magicians: Laurent, Harry, Ghislain, especially for your team.
You will participate in the magic tricks as they will be shown to you by professional magicians and later on you will taught the basic magician secrets that you will be able to repeat yourself, because these tricks are adapted for beginners.

the course

1. Presentation of the activity and magicians

2. Demonstration of the tricks by the magicians

3. Learning in small group

You will be divided in small groups and every group will learn one magic trick and after learning this trick each group will present their trick to other groups.


The magic training:

Once the trick is revealed and explained. The participants will try to learn and present it on their own, becoming themselves magicians for one day.
In order to understand and remember the sequence, the magician will first show the trick and then teach it step by step.

Creation of the magic SHOW:

Actually, the secrets of magic trick are so easy - almost nothing - the important thing is how participant presents the trick.
The actual creative work starts only after knowing the trick – writing the text, choosing the way of presentation and so on
You will be given several different accessories to use in the master class and to present your trick – we will provide everything so you could create and develop an original show! Remember that the success of the show will depend on your creativity!

The magic show:

Let’s go! After the practice time you had, it is time to present the tricks – one by one all of the colleagues will be invited to show their magic tricks with few breaks where the magicians will continue to show theirs as well.
The evening will be a success for sure. Filled with amazing surprises, some failures, giggles, but all in all – excellent memories for everyone.

Feedback from clients:

« Thanks again for this « magic class »yesterday. Please tell your team thanks once again. EVERYBODY was very happy, the intellectuals, sportives, dreamers, etc… which is very exceptional. I am very happy to « discover » you, so see you soon… » Edith

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