Totem Art

Totem Art : Share A creative team building MOMENT


A fun, inovative and creative activity, ideal to increase your team spirit


totem art séminaire annecy   totem art séminaire annecy   totem art annecy


Description of this creative activity for your seminar:


On a transparent plexiglass tube each participant engraves an inscription linked to a predefined theme. A word, a drawing, a text…There are a lot of possibilities which allow everyone to express freely their creativity.

No need to be a great artist to participate, the beauty of the creation lies in the whole work.

At the end,  two professional artists David and Yannick will go into the tube to create the perfect background for your art.

The final totem will proudly be exposed during the rest of your event, and you can even bring it back in your office as a memory.


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