Team Cooking Challenge Annecy

team cooking challenge ANNECY

Become a chef for your colleagues


team cooking annecy   team cooking challenge

Make your business meal different! Begin your day with a brunch and choose a teambuilding or incentive seminar with a Gastronomy theme!
Put your cooking apron on and become a CHEF for one day.

At the end of the preparation of the meal that will be supervised and mentored by a professional chef, you will present it to others.


Your culinary adventure :

A cooking stand at your service for 2 to 3 hours accompanied by a professional chef. You will take part in a hands-on workshop based on the following themes :
- Healthy verrines (food compositions in a small glass) and appetizers
- regional French specialties


Step by step

This animation is made of 3 fun steps:

After splitting into teams, each member will be given a chef hat with name tag, cooking apron and each team will nominate their « Chef ».


First step


The challenge begins with a Speed Quiz consisting of 10 questions about cooking basics and expressions. Each team will have a little blackboard and a chalk to write the number of their answer.
In addition the teams will have to make two quick and light appetizers. This is a good opportunity to refresh the basics of cooking techniques and to use original ingredients. You will cook it and taste it afterwards.
One appetizer and one “verrine” will be chosen between these ones:
- Raspberry beetroot roll with cheese and chives (raspberry balsamic vinegar)
- False cheese, salmon and apple makis with nori seaweed.
Salted glasses or Verrine :
- Tuna with sesame and spicy mango, orange peel and rosemary sauce (orange olive oil, oil with grilled sesame seeds)
- Zucchini tagliatelles with mint, lemon and squash seeds (squash seeds oil) 



Second step


You will be given 10 regional verrines marked with numbers. Each participant will have to tag the number in a French map provided.

Product examples:

Brittany buckwheat pancake
Camembert of Normandy
Soft pretzel
Rosette of Lyon
Dijon mustard
Nougat of Montélimard
Corsican figatelle
Cannelé of Bordeaux
Madeleine of Commercy
Cantal of Auvergne
Bêtises of Cambrai

(There are other themes available, for example: tropical fruits, spices, cheese, sweets, etc...).


 third step


The third step is a creation challenge:
Each team has the same food hamper that the team has to use in order to create its own recipe of verrine, in 24 identical copies. Teams will have 30 minutes. Teams have to use at least 7 or 8 ingredients from the food hamper.
Example of the food hamper: fresh goat’s cheese, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, white bread, avocado, oil sardines, carrot, turkey breast.
Example of common ingredients: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Xeres vinegar, soya sauce, lemon and lime, cream, butter, salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, paprika and basil.
Participants are constantly advised and guided by our Chef.


The last step



After all the delicacies have been made, participants will taste all types of delicacies and will have the opportunity to give their mark to other recipes.
The mark includes: visual aspect, name of the dish, originality and the respect of the given rules.



team cooking challenge annecy




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